Sundog [suhn-dawg, -dog]
meteorological name parhelion

  1. : any of several bright spots often tinged with color that often appear parallel to the horizon at the altitude of the sun
  2. : a mock sun

You’ve probably seen them- two small rainbow arcs on either side of the sun. These are called Sundogs. They almost always show in pairs and are recognizable because they are bright and colorful- like our imagery.

At SUNDOG Productions, we deeply enjoy playing with light. Photography is, after all, the capturing of light. We use the “natural light” of the setting, and modify or reflect it as necessary… and also love using advanced “strobist” techniques of adding light with off-camera flashes and strobes. This playful and creative use of light is (in part) what sets us, and our resulting images, apart and gives us our unique style and flavor.

In getting to know our clients, one thing to be discussed is how dramatic or natural the produced images should be. Some love the vibrant colors and fashion-style “pop”, while others prefer the natural-light look. We love them both! And we love the artistic and creative side of capturing just what our clients desire.

Behind the Lens

We are a couple of photographers, madly in love with each other and the art of image capture.

Ryan Voight comes from a formal education in video production, and brings with him a unique blend of the technical aspects of photography, combined with a Peter-Pan-like passion for playing with light and capturing visually engaging images.

Desiree Voight is super in-tune to everyone around her, with an uncanny ability to perceive human emotions and be perfectly poised to recognize and capture when and how those emotions are expressed. Desiree’s skills in connecting with people are a big part of what sets Sundog Productions apart from all others.  She is, of course, an incredible photographer as well- with an excellent eye for even the most minute details, in addition to spotting and freezing those moments- the ones of most importance to you.

Together, when we’re not out shooting or working on digitally developing client images, we’re spending quality family time with our two daughters- Scarlett and Piper- and our black lab-mix pupper, Jackson.  We are outdoor adventure enthusiasts, so we might be out hiking or we might be up hang gliding…

As a loving pair, parents, and pet-lovers… you can trust in us to understand, relate, and to carefully capture images you can’t help but love.

Mission Statement

We aim to be more than photographers; we specialize in capturing magic. Those moments–you know the ones–where you wish you could freeze time, and stay a little longer… heck a lot longer.

We prefer to skip the staged approach, and instead, get to know our clients as people, friends even, so we can capture the true meaning and emotion behind your life’s passions. Whether it’s a couple in love, a child adored, an exciting sporting moment, an object of your obsession…

Our goal is to capture beautiful imagery that inspires the emotions of the moments you live for.  While we only live once, that doesn’t mean those cherished moments- and feelings- can’t be relived again and again.


Time Flies

If you have kids, you already know how fast they grow up! We truly believe in what we do- freezing time and giving you tangible memories you can print, scrapbook, frame, or send to the rest of the family. Images like this are *priceless*… and our rates are surprisingly affordable. AND- images like this will …

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