Adventure Photography

What is “Adventure Photography”, you might wonder?

It’s an experience; It’s anything and everything that makes your life worth living.  It’s those things that light you up, that grab you and you find yourself truly present- past and future eclipsed by the here and now.  For some, adventure photography means photos of you and yours out on a beautiful Hudson Valley hiking trail.  Maybe it means experiencing something bigger than ourselves, like taking in one of the areas many waterfalls.  Or maybe you come alive when perched cliff-side, fingertips crimped as you climb the vertical granite-conglomerate walls of the Gunks.  And yet others might find the feelings of adventure as they partake in a hobby, or competitive sport, or… point is- LIFE is ADVENTURE.  And so, whatever drives you, fuels you, wherever your passion spills over…
That is where you’ll find us, skipping staged fakeness and capturing the REAL.

Viewed this way, adventure photography most certainly can include you and the one you love.  The journey of a couple in love, that’s adventure!  And for many, that adventure grows to include a family.  Family is a whole adventure of it’s own- and as the parents of two Little’s ourselves- danged if we don’t know THAT already!

So what we do at SUNDOG Productions, is take our passion for creatively capturing beautiful artistic images, and bring it to you in support of YOUR adventure- powerful imagery of experiences worth immortalizing.

We’ll meet you out on trail, even if it’s miles from the nearest road or parking lot.  We’ll set up a rope and rappel half way down a cliff to capture the perfect moment as you climb the ‘Gunks.  We’ll meet you at the soccer field or in the hockey rink.  On stage for a musical performance, or soaring above the clouds in a hang glider or paraglider.  Anything.  Everything.  If it’s worth doing, really doing, it’s worth having us capture it for you- and we are SO excited to provide that!