Behind the Lens

We are a couple of photographers, madly in love with each other and the art of imagery.

Ryan Voight comes from a formal education in video production, and brings with him a unique blend of the technical aspects of photography, combined with a Peter-Pan-like passion for playing with light and capturing visually engaging images.  Ryan is the fire behind SUNDOG’s “adventure photography”.

Desiree Voight is super in-tune to everyone around her, with an uncanny ability to perceive human emotions and be perfectly poised to capture when and how those emotions are expressed. Desiree’s skills in connecting with people are a big part of what sets SUNDOG Productions apart from all others.  She is, of course, an incredible photographer as well- with an excellent eye for even the most minute details, in addition to spotting and freezing those moments- the ones of most importance to you.  Desiree is the reason SUNDOG’s Wedding Photography is as uniquely spectacular as it is.

Together, when we’re not out shooting or working on digitally developing client images, we’re spending quality family time with our two daughters- Scarlett and Piper- and our black lab-mix pupper, Jackson.  We are outdoor adventure enthusiasts, so we might be on a mountain hiking or we might be above it in our hang gliders…