Tuthill House at the Mill

If you have not yet been, treat yourself- and someone you love- to an evening at the Tuthill House Restaurant & Tavern in Gardiner, NY.  Far beyond your typical bar and grill, the Tuthill House offers the fine dining experience with a casual, warm, and welcoming ambiance.  And if you get there soon, before it gets too cold, dining on the outside deck is simply superb.

Tuthill House is also a distillery and the birthplace of every bottle of Hudson Whiskey.  We especially enjoy sipping on a neat glass of their Baby Bourbon, or for something a little more unique try their Corn Whisky- a white whiskey that’s like drinking home baked corn bread… with just the right bit of familiar whiskey spice and burn.  A wonderful slow-sipping desert drink… or great mixed in an Old Fashioned, too!

contact information:
Tuthill House at the Mill
20 Grist Mill Lane
Gardiner, NY 12525

(845) 255-1527

*Note that this post was not endorsed or sponsored in any way- I just took my family to dinner here and absolutely loved the place!  We live very close to here and I could not believe I had been missing out on such a wonderful place- it’s practically criminal!  So get yourself there already!!!