Sundog [suhn-dawg, -dog]
meteorological name parhelion

  1. : any of several bright spots often tinged with color that often appear parallel to the horizon at the altitude of the sun
  2. : a mock sun

You’ve probably seen them- two small rainbow arcs on either side of the sun. These are called Sundogs. They almost always show in pairs and are recognizable because they are bright and colorful.

The SUNDOG PRO photographers- a husband and wife team- also a bright and colorful pair.  We’re adventurous people and passionate about what we do:
Creatively producing imagery that captures an experience and tells your story.

Mission Statement

We are committed to leveraging our passion in support of YOURS.

We support our fun and adventurous clients by wonderfully photographing you “in your element”- wherever the passion flows.  We come alive when we’re on-site shooting, and again when processing the raw photos into stunning images in post.  Our understanding of that feeling, being ON and present- and the way we embrace it- is what sets us apart.  It’s what makes us THE adventure photographers; The perfect fit for our fellow adventurists.  If you are connecting with what we’re saying- we are here for YOU.  We are your tribe, we see you, and we get you.  Let us show you…

We’d love to hear from you- what’s your adventure?  Where do you do it?  And when are we shooting it?!

Our enthusiasm for photography isn’t limited to creating images- we’re dedicated to providing support and inspiration.  We create marketing plans for leveraging our images, or we offer total social media posting/advertising management allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Aviation Photography

It started with the love of flight. It evolved into an unquenchable passion. It matured into a professional career.

I woke up one day to find myself uniquely qualified ,as if my entire life had been preparing me for just this: Capturing inspiring aviation imagery.

Behind the Lens

We are a couple of photographers, madly in love with each other and the art of imagery.

Ryan Voight comes from a formal education in video production, and brings with him a unique blend of the technical understanding and Peter-Pan-like passion for playing with light and capturing engaging images.

Ryan is also an instrument rated commercial airplane pilot, a master rated hang glider pilot, and advanced rated instructor, and a very accomplished aerobatic pilot.

Desiree Voight is super in-tune, with an uncanny ability to perceive human emotions and be perfectly poised to capture when and how those emotions are expressed. Desiree’s skills in connecting with people are a big part of what sets SUNDOG Productions apart from all others.  She is also a marketing, sales, and multimedia genius, crafting strategies that maximize the effective use of your commercial photography.

Together, when we’re not out shooting or working on client projects, we’re spending quality family time with our two daughters- Scarlett and Piper- and our black lab-mix pupper, Jackson.  We are outdoor adventure enthusiasts, so we might be on a mountain hiking or soaring above it in our hang gliders…

Adventure Photography

It’s an experience; It’s anything and everything that makes your life worth living.
It’s those things that light you up, that grab you. It’s when you’re truly present- past and future eclipsed by the here and now.

Adventurous people choose us for our genuine caring, our creativity, and our passionate enthusiasm for providing images that you will be proud to not just post, but PRINT and enjoy reliving again and again.

We’ll meet you out on trail, even if it’s miles from the nearest road or parking lot.  We’ll set up a rappel and hang half way down a cliff to capture that crux move as you climb the ‘Gunks.  We’ll meet you at the soccer field or in the hockey rink.  On stage or soaring above the clouds.  Anything.  Everything.

If it’s special to you, capturing it beautifully is important to us.

Check out some of our published Adventure Photography: