10 Ways to Light and Shoot the Same Scene

While we didn’t make this video, we wanted to share it for a couple of reasons- First, we think it highlights the most important factor in photographer selection… everyone has a different style!  A different eye, and a different way of capturing, and a different way of processing.  Even if the gear is identical, we think you should pick who produces the images in the style you desire… or who you think will best understand what you want, to adapt techniques and styles to produce your vision.

We’re also sharing because we love playing with light- be it sunlight or off-camera flash and strobe lighting.  Photography is the capture of light after all, so what is more important… or fun… than lighting?!

And lastly, we’re sharing because of his closing sentiment- about sharing with each other and improving each other’s image capture and production skills.  So totally how we see it too… and with that in mind, we’ll post tips and tricks of our own from time to time… so make sure you subscribe to our blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, yada yada…

Hope you enjoy the clip (that location is INCREDIBLE!!!), cheers!  -RV