Happy Snowy Day

Remember when you were a kid, waking up in the morning and seeing that blanket of white outside… and you just knew, NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!

As we grow older, our view- and appreciation- of that morning “winter grace” tends to fade.  It’s no less beautiful… but now it means needing to shovel, plow, or snow-blow.  It probably means having to wake up even earlier, and it adds time to your workday commute.

And then… if you’re a loony-tune like me… Continue reading “Happy Snowy Day”

Eager Eagle Spotters

Today’s adventure had us photographing these winged-wonders.





When the weather warms up we will be organizing a FREE photo meet-up at this spot, and openly sharing tips or answering questions to improve your own photography!

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We have several other educational photography meet-ups in the works, too… we’re totally excited to meet new people and share what we love with ya’ll!

Stony Kill Falls

Hope everyone is goin’ with the flow this fine Waterfall Wednesday!

Grabbed this one a couple weeks ago at Stony Kill Falls.

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Cool Stars

Last Friday we posted a photo-tip on social media; This recent cold snap brings with it excellent opportunity for some night sky photography.

Cloud cover acts like a blanket over the Earth, reflecting the overnight radiated heat back down.  So it’s not totally coincidental when you see an unusually low temp one night, to also find the skies to be clear of clouds.  And cold air holds another perk for the night owl shooter- colder air can not carry as much moisture in it, and humidity creates an awful “haze” that downs out all but the brightest of stars (or planets).

We took the opportunity on Friday to capture some artistic photos on a local farm for one of our clients, capturing how beautiful it is living here in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Afterwards- since I was already bundled up (and already frozen), and already out late with all my gear- I headed over to capture a different shot that’s been on my mind lately.  Inspired by my buddy Benji, who’s a wicked talented photographer I might add, I ended up with this image.



Quite pleased with how it turned out, especially considering by this point in the night the moon was pretty high overhead, reflecting sunlight that usually detracts from crisp star captures… but in this case the moonlight helped illuminate the path, the ridge, and even a bit of Skytop Tower at the Mohonk Mountain House!

We are curious… did anyone else brave the cold and capture anything cool?  If you have something you’d like to share email us and we’ll feature you on your blog and social media channels!  [email protected]

Fall Colors

Everyone has their own special way of enjoying Fall’s bouquet of “fruity pebbles”… mine is the opportunity to combine two passions at once: #hanggliding and #photography
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Time Flies

If you have kids, you already know how fast they grow up! We truly believe in what we do- freezing time and giving you tangible memories you can print, scrapbook, frame, or send to the rest of the family. Images like this are *priceless*… and our rates are surprisingly affordable.

AND- images like this will out live us all.  This isn’t just a precious photo for her parents, it will become a precious photo for her when she grows up.  And many more years later, it could be a precious photo adored by HER children!  Think about it… and give us a call 🙂