Happy Snowy Day

Remember when you were a kid, waking up in the morning and seeing that blanket of white outside… and you just knew, NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!

As we grow older, our view- and appreciation- of that morning “winter grace” tends to fade.  It’s no less beautiful… but now it means needing to shovel, plow, or snow-blow.  It probably means having to wake up even earlier, and it adds time to your workday commute.

And then… if you’re a loony-tune like me… You join the ‘hood.  Parenthood, that is.  And these little wonders once again change the way you view the world… and snowy mornings.  We get to see the awe in their eyes; We’re reminded of the excitement of Snow Day school cancellations.

And maybe… if you’re just lucky enough (also depending on perspective)… snow days once again become days off for us, too!  Can’t leave the kiddos home alone, right?  And they need help assembling snow men, perfecting their snow angels, building a jump on the sledding hill.  They probably need a target to throw snowballs at, too!

Well, today- I’d like to salute the unsung heros of the Snow Days.  And, even if you’re not a parent, or even if you don’t get to or have to stay home when school’s off, maybe… just maybe… this could be a nice ‘lil reminder to look outside with the eyes of a child, and appreciate the glow of fresh snow as it falls and swirls and stacks up everywhere.  Cheers!