Waterfall Workshop – April 14th

We’re excited to announce the date is set for our 2018 Waterfall Workshop!

This is event brings photo-enthusiasts together for a sharing of ideas… all are welcome, totally regardless of experience behind a camera!  As a professional art and adventure photographer myself, I unafraid to say there is so much more for me to learn!  So this meet-up is designed to not just help give newer/aspiring photographers a jump start into creating beautiful waterfall imagery… it is also to get deeply experienced photogs together- everyone has their own style, and we can inspire each other’s creativity by infusing some fresh perspective.

We will first meet for breakfast at The Market in Gardiner, NY.  If you’ve never been, everything they serve is fresh and delectable… and they have some of the best coffee around.  After we’ve had a chance to meet each other and mingle for a few, I’d like to go over just a couple basic guidelines to ensure everyone has the best possible experience, as well as talk just briefly about some strategies well-suited to what we’ll be shooting.

What we’ll be shooting is a waterfall, of course!  Awosting Falls.  From Gardiner it’s a quick roll up Rt 44/55 to Lake Minnewaska State Park, and from the lower parking lot it’s a short “hike” (walk, really) to Awosting Falls.  The State Park charges an entry fee of $10 per vehicle, unless you already have an Empire Pass which gets you access to ALL New York State Parks.  At breakfast I’ll suggest/encourage we carpool up to the park; save some bucks, and some dinosaurs.

Once we’re at Awosting Falls, it’s time to go swimming!  Just kidding… there’s actually no swimming allowed at the Falls.  We’ll have to settle for taking pictures…

I will be entirely available to everyone in the group, and eager to provide coaching, share tips and tricks, answer questions… whatever I can do for you!  I want to assist and inspire everyone to “level up” in this thing they enjoy doing; Photography.  It does not matter what camera you bring- cameras, lenses, flashes, whatever… they are just the tools and they work scientifically.  It’s the operator that adds the ART to the picture…

We’ll aim to be back at The Market by noon (and anyone that needs or wants to leave earlier is free to do so).  If any of the group is interested in sticking around for a few I’ll demonstrate a little of my processing and image development workflow… but that is an entire massive topic in itself, and THIS meet-up is primarily about capturing beautiful images IN-CAMERA.  Maybe it’s just me, but I would much rather spend more time out shooting and getting it captured the way I want, than sitting behind a computer tweaking things and manipulating the captured image.  Speaking of sitting behind a computer… time to wrap this up!

Here are the specifics:

  • Meet at 9am @ The Market in Gardiner, NY
  • $10/car entry fee into Minnewaska State Park
  • Awosting Falls is a quick, easy walk along a well-maintained carriage road
  • I will be 100% available to coach, assist, Q and A, etc
  • Back to The Market in Gardiner around noon
    There is no catch.  I am not trying to sell anyone anything here.  This is about connecting people with a shared interest and passion, that is all.  I do ask everyone attending also embraces this same philosophy- no sales talk please!

What you need to bring:

  • A camera.  Any camera.  Yes, ANY camera.  Yes, even a cell phone will work- if you have the interest, and that’s all you’ve got, yes definitely come!
  • A tripod is highly recommended, but not a requirement.
  • Sunglasses are highly recommended, but not a requirement.
  • Proper footwear for walking on a gravel carriage road, and potentially moving around some rocky terrain (depending how adventurous you want to get- it’s NOT necessary).  Sneakers should be fine, hiking boots are great.  Wouldn’t recommend flip-flops though…

Attendance and RSVP
I have created an EVENT ON FACEBOOK for this meet-up, and I will be monitoring that to see how many people will be attending.  Please, PLEASE! RSVP by clicking “attending” on the event page on Facebook.

If you have any QUESTIONS, or if you do not have a Facebook account and want to RSVP, please drop me an email at [email protected]